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Welcome to the poetry of Mary Fumento.


In ode to Octavio Paz: his brilliance, his passion, and the double flame.

The Cradle

Cradle in your touch
The way you hold me
Dissolving my body
Deep inside of yours
Pure essence as
We become one
Tenderness together
Treasured forever
- Mary O. Fumento, 2010


Indeed the finest pastry
Was right inside my hand
Amidst the fancy paper
Such delicacy to be had

But having would not do
For a luxury such as this
The magic of his texture
The alchemy of his kiss

His lips, most divine
Eyes into which I sank
The bounty of his beauty
A font from which I drank

Satisfied, over and over
In my eyes, lips, touch
Gentleness of his person
And I never felt so much
- Mary O. Fumento, 2008


Succulence, a saucy matter
And anyone would agree;
Flavor is in spicing
Finding the right degree.

Mouths sometimes crave sour;
Tongues often want sweet.
Where tastes intertwine,
Palette and appetite meet.

What minds, fingers satisfy,
Only memorized recipe can call.
The brilliant measures taken,
That seasoned tastebuds recall.
- Mary O. Fumento, 2008

Upon Attending A Poetry Reading

That's where I said I'd be
Syllables present, accounted for
Nothing hanging, lines aligned
An evening of similies, metaphors

A moment of measured verse
That is almost how it felt
When gutteral met implied
No care how they were spelt

Just feeling being exposed
No matter how raw, how nude
Naked is a state of mind
Thought at its barest: crude

That's why we engage in this
Seeking slow kiss, sudden thrust
Ways we allow ourselves passion
Defying how we defined care, trust

For when the sounds come out
And in how the word is heard
Somehow doing it with another
It helps my voice be cured

I could have done it alone
Without sweaty, languid release
Missing frenzied, coupled beat
Never knowing the crowd of peace
- Mary O. Fumento, 2006

Catch 22

Would you even still like me
If I weren’t such a hedon
And felt as now I feel
Thought as I now think
And pursued the things I chase?

I chase because I catch
I think because I feel
I feel because I think
I think and feel the chase
Pure hedon: I feel the catch
- Mary O. Fumento, 2006


A dozen decadent things to do
For you, like you haven't felt before
A dozen decadent things to do
And I can think of many more

A dozen decadent things to do
So many crevices, to seek and explore
A multitude of sensuous expressions
Absorbed by you, prone on the floor
- Mary O. Fumento, 2006


If sexuality had a pace
Mine furious and fast
The deed needn't take time
For true memory to last

That feeling does endure
Memory remains strong
Hearts put where fingers touch
Where only sentiment belongs

And so we remember days
Hours, minutes left behind
I will always hold them close
The fantasies I make mine

For to feel but once again
You said it so very well
Unsuspectingly, a while back
Honesty only you would tell:

“Our stolen moments
Of the moment
Are all I really need.”
- Mary O. Fumento, 2007

the zipperman

lovely, lovely zipperman
unzip a bit for me
I love what you hide
I crane my neck to see

lovely, lovely zipperman
you had me at your zip
not at clasp, nor button
only silence of the lip

lovely, lovely zipperman
show me what you are
I see hints here, there
proximity remains too far

lovely, lovely zipperman
exhibiting, hussy that I am
showmanship is the closest
To daring heart as I can

lovely, lovely zipperman
beauty in movement resides
not about being locked up
but releasing what's inside
- Mary O. Fumento, 2007


Let the whole of me crawl
Into the curve of your mouth
Between the soft, pink lips
Deep in the warm, moist center
Of such passion that only rises
From the quiet core of your being
Flowing ever into the heart of me
Finding its mark, quenching it, too
- Mary O. Fumento, 2008


The tactile touch of you
Against the whole of me
Covered by warm, gentle hand

A sheath into which to slip
A haven in which to be found

The fingers explored around
Absorbing complete complicity
A license for self to expand

And express, receive a tip
A mere thumb, here or there

Feelings a brain can feel
Emotion a body will expound
Meeting explained explicitly
- Mary O. Fumento, 2008


You philosopher, me poet,
So very much lost in between
True to ourselves, we made words
And missed the world in being

We were so compelled to be
To see the world as it is
And your world makes such sense
While my universe simply lives

Life and its lights, all I see
A mere beacon through the dark
Your sound reason, and its logic
A definitive way to make a mark

There was a galaxy between us
And somehow we were able to meet
Common ground at last uncovered
And I found you made me complete

It does not matter so much why
Although I consider it every day
Maybe because you were different
And opposite in so very many ways

But for a time, our planes crossed
Intersected, collided points-of-view
But in knowing you I was fulfilled
From the mere simple essence of you
- Mary O. Fumento, 2009

The Search

An endless search
Many empty days
Countless frigid nights

Finding love pure
Then losing you
Inevitable, as I endure

Knowing, feeling you
Was worth the loss
Just life made real

Want, need, desire
Originate in source
But differ somewhere

And in their variety
I found peace, comfort
Because of what I knew: you
- Mary O. Fumento, 2009


The laser beam track of your eyes
Deep, tender warmth in your voice
The porcelain outline of your lips
Left me with utterly no other choice

Mesmerized by your use of hands
And stunned by your elegant face
I savored instinctive expressions
Memorized movement, every trace

Watched up close and far away
I absorbed the banquet spread
The visual display of a person
And the one within your head

I relished what I witnessed
I entombed in me each feeling
You transposed every passion
And sent my senses reeling

I have yet you to release
But my brain cannot let go
My heart bound you tightly
And this is all I know...
- Mary O. Fumento, 2007


Emphatic, direct precision
You extended and reached me
Shattering a life of expectation

Powerful but restrained dexterity
You surrounded and enveloped me
Disturbing a soul long sleeping

Secret passion and velocity
Your magnitude overcame me
Swallowing my world whole
-Mary O. Fumento, 1998


Slip of Hand

A slip of hand
Slightest touch
Nerves will ignite
Blood starts to rush

Two contact points
However brief
Deliver ecstacy
Provide relief

Touch will linger
After people depart
The memory ingrained
Oh, ever-feeling heart
- Mary O. Fumento, 2007

In Passing

Much happened in between
It almost had a space
And in being it created
A most unusual place

Never here nor there
Too obvious for a name
Without defined boundary
We'd know it all the same

Where I felt you counted
Long before we'd touch
As if physical dimension
Can measure half as much

As where you would reside
Deep in heart and soul
And in filling you satisfy
All that makes me whole
- Mary O. Fumento, 2007


Grasp at your heart's content
The person you want to hold
Moments you wish were longer
Express what remains untold

Because when you finally feel
Despite what did transpire
The others were only fodder
For fire that won't expire

The flame burns deep within
For base emotion never felt
Once ignited, not extinguished
Old defenses just start to melt

Crowds, numbers, just statistics
Despite countless years alone
For in a revelry of intimacy
The sanctity you built was home

Yes, I will return there often
And clasp it to heart and soul
What you unveiled in me, I clutch
Full knowing you made me whole
- Mary O Fumento, 2007


You course like lava throughout
Igniting, engulfing what you touch
From the extremities to innermost
Slow, steaming stream of fire

An explosive flow, heart to head
Constant current deep within
Measured dose for sleeping soul
There you secretly pulsate still
- Mary O. Fumento, 2005


I focused on things so small
Details others wouldn't find
But in my gaze they amplified
I cannot erase them from my mind

I memorized your face, your hair
The intricacies haunt me still
Your voice, touch, elusiveness
Remain with me and always will

I don't know how, when you did
I was unaware you cast a spell
But on the very shadow of you
My mind instinctively will dwell

In the essence of who you are
Regardless of location, time
You etched your being into me
Making the quite mundane sublime

You're forever, through and through
Tomorrow separates me like a knife
But your today ignighted my very soul
I feel your every breath of life
- Mary O. Fumento, 2007

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